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    Hi Barbels and Carps lovers  

    The prince of the river

    This is one section with the blogs from the world

    to the Barbels and carps fishing .

    Here you will finds links of blogs of some mates .

    Barbels fishing ( the prince of the rivers ) U.K

    Blogs Barbels  

      Tim Jannsen ( Netherland )                Team So british ( France)

      Blogs Barbels              Blogs Barbels

      Gareth Watkins  ( U.K / France)         Madfred Angling ( France )

       Blogs Barbels             Blogs Barbels


       The Angling Gazette ( U.K)                Wild Wild West ( France)                                                             ( Osmose Korp  Sylvain)        

      The Angling gazette                Blogs Barbels




             Tom Bee

    Blogs Barbels & carpes




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